5 Best Ways on How to Clean a Burnt Pot or Pan

Post dinner clean up is always irritating for us after having delicious meal. But, the most irritating fact is spots and gunk in your pan. The black crud will difficult to remove after a course of time. Remaining of spot can make your pan ugly and messed up. Only dishwasher detergent is not enough to make the burn spots get off. Only scrubbing can’t make your pan shiny. Coated foods may be impermeable to remove in cases.

We are representing here some tricks to follow. With those you can make the pot clean and shiny with less efforts.


Do Want to remove burn spots from your pots? Soaking is the clear cut method for removing such spots. Put strong dish detergent with water in the pan and wait for soak it. You can also try dishwasher tablet instead of detergent. You can boil it, because simmer it will work like magic. Let those stir for 1 hour or more, and then clean it with fresh water. You can also put a dryer sheet for soaking. Before trying dryer sheet, soak the burnt spot with water and soap.

If you feel your burnt glaze are stronger to clean, you should also try liquid fabric softener. Get either a fabric softener sheet or powder of fabric softener for cleaning. Put more fresh water for letting all the detergent or dryer sheet washed away. Club soda has the elements of carbonation. It helps in removing food and burned glaze stuck on your pot.

Use of Salt

Salt is the most common ingredient work as abrasive cleanser in bottom of your pan. There is a salt, we know as coarse Kosher, works great for alleviating messes. You can also use dish detergent with it. Make a mixture of coarse Kosher salt with dish detergent and use it on burnt pan to remove stretch marks.

For Stainless Steel and Cast Iron Pan or Pot

Pour dish soup into the pan. Now also add baking soda with water and pour those into the pan. Now simmer the liquid on the pan for a while. Now, again add a tablespoon of baking soda and use sponge to clean the whole pan. You can now clean the grease and get a sparkly pan or pot. Don’t use steel wool for cleaning stainless steel pan. Those can create stretches in your pot.

Don’t wash cast iron pan with dish soap, unless those can change your food taste. Rather use hot water and sponge for cleaning this type of pan. Rubbing with sponge can make it cleaner. Be careful about soaking the pan. You shouldn’t soak it or leave it in the sink for longer. You can use sea salt for removing food stuck on the pan. After pouring salt in the food stuck, don’t forget to rubbing or rinsing it. You can use clogs for drying the pan.

For Cleaning Aluminum and Copper Pan or Pot

Take white wine vinegar and water with the ratio of ⅓:1 and mix them. Heat the mixture and wait until boiling. Now add 2 tablespoon of baking soda with the boiled mixture. Scour the whole pan using sponge. Rinse it with hot water and make it dry.

Instead of baking soda,use coarse salt for cookware of copper. Cover the whole pan with salt, create a thin layer. Those salt is great for working as absorbed. Pour water and soup and simmer those. Now wait for a little bit and get your pan cleaned up.

Use of magic eraser

You can rub this magic eraser and scrub those on your pot. You will get better results if you can put it for a while. Thus you can remove all stains. This method isn’t applicable for nonstick pan or pot.

Don’t let your food and gunk stay longer in pan, those will be harder to clean up. Dishwasher isn’t always reliable for all kinds of pan or pot. So those are the tricks you can use to get instant and easier cleaning. This is the article for you to get the right knowledge for keeping your kitchen neat and clean. Sp those are the ideas you can apply at home with available ingredients to clean all the messy dishes.

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